Digital and Industry 4.0 Consulting and Advisory Services

Digital Strategy and Operations

Right from Assessing the readiness of an organization till transformation and Digital Program Management,
our experts’ handhold the client teams for successfully creating and executing Digital Strategy.

Digital Readiness Assessment

  • Evaluation of the Organization Digital Readiness
  • Transformation Assessment of Systems, Processes and People
  • Digital Maturity Gap Analysis
  • Timeline, Financial Estimate and Readiness Schedule

Digital Transformation Advisory

  • Enterprise Business Goal Mapping
  • Organization Digital Maturity Map & Industry 4.0 Readiness
  • Technology Assessment, Business Process Remodelling and Transformation Strategy
  • Digital and Integrated Manufacturing Operations Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Road-Map and Execution Plan

Business Model Transformation

  • Industry Assessment and Technology Overview
  • Current Business Model Assessment and Transformation Needs
  • Alternate Business Models Recommendations
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Recommendations
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