Digital and Industry 4.0 Consulting and Advisory Services

Mergers and Divestments Advisory

From Technology Separation during Divestment to Integration during Merger and Post-Merger Operations and
Data Modelling Advisory, our consultants provide advisory services and hand-holding during M&A process

IT Separation During Divestment

  • Scope Management Advisory
  • Separation Complexity and Value Leakage Assessment
  • Separation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

IT Integration

  • Scope Management Advisory
  • Business Process Remodelling
  • Integration Strategy and Roadmap
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Digital Consulting During M&A

  • Re-fitment of Digital Strategy during M&A
  • Reshaping Digital Operations during M&A
  • Due-Diligence of Digital Roadmap during M&A
  • Digital Strategy during Post Merger Integration
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