Digital and Industry 4.0 Consulting and Advisory Services

Digital Technology Adoption Advisory

Our Digital Technology Adoption Advisory services are aimed at improving the services and operational efficiencies, increase the value of IT to business, improve IT & business workforce engagement, reduce IT and other operational costs and reduce risk to continuity of operations

IT Modernization Roadmap

  • Current IT Assets Evaluation
  • Emerging Technology Mapping and Value Analysis
  • Technology Strategy and Recommendations
  • Capability Assessment and Maturity Roadmap
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Governance Framework Advisory

Business Process Transformation

  • Business Process Gap Analysis
  • IT and Business Strategy Alignment Evaluation
  • Technology and Process Harmonization
  • Cost Optimization and Usage Mapping
  • Connected Eco-System Advisory

New-Age Architecture Advisory

  • Techno-Functional Alignment Evaluation
  • Reference Architectures and Mapping
  • Digital Enterprise Architecture
  • Recommended Enterprise Architecture
  • Cost-Benefits Analysis
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